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It’s estimated that one third of the Earth’s population are starving. Last year 15 million people died of starvation…this year another 15 million people may die. And believe me, it’s not because they missed breakfast.
I dream of way to help feed the world and help in solving world hunger and I feel sending $.25 a person is not the solution. If we give them the tools—a system that will grow anything anywhere— we can defiantly help in solving the food crisis.
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Hydropot's goal

REBco, makers of the Hydropot™ is donating a major portion of their proceeds to the foundation. This donation will help feed the millions of starving in the world. Without this donation would not be able to obtain it's goal and pupose. But we need your help. Purchase a Hydropot™ and help support the cause and fight agains global starvation. Click here to get your Hydropot and join the cause. If you want to donate directly to the foundation click on the Donate button.

Donate today!

Your donation is going to the Non-Profit, who’s goal is to help create a sustainable growing method for the world’s starving, by helping them help themselves and grow anything…anywhere! Using the modo “teach a man to fish…they feed themselves forever”. is a 503c non-profit, and is associated with Hydropot™ by buying a Hydropot™, REBco will donate the proceeds from each purchase to And getting Hydropots to these regions of the world that can use Hydropot’s soilless, self-containable, simple to use and efficient system to grow food anywhere in the world. Even in harsh conditions or where water is scarce. The Hydropot™ can grow sustainable food with a solar panel and in a soilless medium. It’s the only self-contained system of its kind that can do so.
Your donation will help feed the world’s starving. Donate now!

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